Cash Machine Slot Review 2022

Cash Machine slot created by the famous Everi software developer comprises five reels, and it does not employ the use of conventional means for paylines. However, in a short impressive retrospect, the slot game can be won through ‘243 ways’, making gambling on it more fun. The game is available across many online casinos, featuring an auto-play option, win multipliers and scatter symbols. However, it does not contain wild icons, which is a bummer for most players. For those unfamiliar with the machine, characteristically due to its fruit symbols, it is often referred to as one of the modern-day recons of classic fruit machines. Players would find signs of fruits, including watermelons, bells, grapes, blueberries, and cherries. The game comes in the demo and actual money versions on offline and online platforms. The various rules and features surrounding this game are enough to give players a minimum of one jackpot win. This article will address the basic gaming features and bonuses peculiar to the game.

Cash Machine Slot Online Info Features

Speaking about the basic information of the slot, there are so many interesting details, which are worth mentioning. The table below highlights the main need-to-know facts about this slot:

PROVIDER Everi Software Developer
RTP 96%

Bonuses of the Cash Machine Slot Machine

Though the game is loved and popular among punters, the slot does not have plenty in the way of bonuses but players can win big through win multipliers and jackpot winnings.

Multipliers Available in Cash Machine Slot Game

It is all about landing the correct number of matching colour symbols. Players landing five or more similarly coloured icons would trigger the win multiplier, which is usually the increase by one factor as the play proceeds. Once a match is made, these symbols disappear, after which brand new characters replace them.

Jackpot Wins

There are three jackpot-winning modes; depending on the number of Gold 7 symbols collected, players are awarded the following:

  • Regular/Minor Jackpot for the possession of three Gold 7s;
  • Mini Jackpot for four Gold 7s;
  • Five Gold 7s activate a Maxi jackpot with an enormous cash-out

The regular jackpot awards a 10x multiplier on your winnings.

Unique Features of the Game

In this section, we shall be discussing the gaming and bonus features peculiar to the game. These characteristics would include symbols and icons, values of characters, and jackpot rewards. To try all the features before going to real-money plays, this slot, among many other games, is available in the free mode.

Stand-out Gaming Features

This slot is not gifted with exceptional play or thematic features, but this does not affect its workings and winning potential for players who want to make money. As mentioned earlier, the game comprises five reels with three rows. As a result, players can only see 15 icons at once.

Funnily, you would expect the usual spinning reels as most slots possess, but Cash Machine is like the weird kid on the playground. Its reels do not spin at once. Instead, the square boxes of symbols turn, changing from one character to another. So, if you are in for just simplicity and big wins, this might be the one for you.

The controls are easy to navigate through. Players can select their bet amounts using the button located at the bottom, next to the auto-spin button. In addition, there is a pay-table option for viewing payouts peculiar to symbols and a spin button.

Winning Features

Characteristic winning symbols are;

  • Watermelons;
  • Bells;
  • Grapes;
  • Blueberries;
  • Cherries;
  • BARs;
  • Red 7;
  • Blue 7;
  • Gold 7 with JACKPOT embedded beneath.

However, these icons possess different worths. For instance, the gold 7 is peculiar for jackpot winnings. The red 7, on the other hand, has an impressive payout structure. For example, landing five, four, and three of these icons would award 121,500 coins, 8,100 coins, and 1,350 coins. In addition, the cherries and blueberries happen to be the least paying of all fruit symbols.


  1. Can I Play This Slot Freely Online?
    Yes, you can play at many online casinos. You can also access the demo versions if you are unfamiliar with the play modes.
  2. Can I Get Bonus Rounds in the Slot?
    These options are not available to players. However, there are other bonus features, including a fantastic jackpot payout.
  3. Is the Slot Game Safe to Play?
    Yes. The game is made available by a trustworthy software developer, and it is safe for gambling by all qualified personnel.