Everything You Need to Know About Casino Reload Bonuses

Many casino websites offer welcome bonuses to new players. With this, the newbies would be able to wager on different games with the bonus amount deposited into their accounts.

But when these players stay around for a while, they can qualify for more bonuses, one of which is the reload one. In this article, we explain the meaning of this type of bonus, how to claim it, as well as the good and bad sides.

Why Is the Reload Bonus so Useful?

A reload promotion is a type of incentive given to existing players at an online gambling club. These players must have not only been around for some time but also made a considerable amount of deposits on the platform. Depending on the online gambling operator, the bonus could be offered on the second or third deposit on the platform. It is essential to many players because it helps them to get up to 50% of the initial bankroll they deposited in the casino. This means more access to games and wagering to make money.

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How to Claim a Reload Promotion in Just a Few Easy Steps

Here is how to claim your first reload casino offer in just a few steps:

  1. Understand What the Bonus is All About. The first step is to understand how the bonus works. Typically, it is offered to players who have deposited to their gambling accounts in the past. The casino operator may want to offer it either on the second or third time you make a deposit.
  2. Shop Around for the Best Offer. Check a wide range of network casinos to find out the availability of the bonus. Also, have in mind that you must have made a couple of deposits before the bonus will be available for you.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions. Take note of the Terms and Conditions of the online gambling operator, as they pertain to the bonus. Some of the conditions are: the number of times the bonus can be claimed; the match bonus is usually below 100%; you may be required to meet the deposit requirement, which means that you may be asked to deposit a certain amount of money before claiming the reload offer.
  4. Make Your Deposit. It could be your second, third or fourth deposit at the casino website. The general idea is that you should confirm the exact number of deposits you are required to make before getting the bonus. Once that is settled, make the deposit and if required, copy and paste the bonus code to get the bonus.
  5. Receive Your Casino Reload Bonus. The corresponding bonus funds for the deposit made will be credited to your account. It could be 20% or 50% of the deposited amount. For example, if you made a 100% deposit for the 50% reload promotion, it means that you will receive a total bankroll of $150.
  6. Play and Win. Play many of your favourite online games; something you couldn’t have done if the bonus wasn’t offered. You can play and wager on both slots and card games like poker.

How We Select the Best Reload Bonus Casinos

Here is how to choose the best online gambling platform that offers the reload promotion:

  • When is the Bonus Offered? How many deposits or how much must a player deposit before getting qualified for the casino bonus?
  • Find out the Type of Reload Offer. Check to see the exact type of reload incentive offered by the online gambling operator. The popular formats are: special reload promotions are offered on special events or promotions recognized by the online casino operator; percentage bonus is the type of bonus credits the player with a specific percentage of the deposit made; free spins are the type of reload promotion that is used exclusively to wager online slots.

Online Casino Reload Bonus: Pros and Cons

These are the positive and negative aspects of the online gambling reload offer. Among the main advantages, there are:

  • The bonus is offered by many online casino operators.
  • It allows players to get more loyalty rewards.
  • The bonus helps in boosting the player’s bankroll.
  • The bonus can be claimed multiple times by the same player.

Everything has its negative sides. Among the main disadvantages, there are:

  • Some network casino operators add a cap on the maximum amount you can make with the bonus.
  • The number of playthroughs is sometimes on the high side.
  • Lower percentages for the bonus.


  1. What is Casino Reload Bonus?
    This is a type of bonus offered to existing players who have made previous deposits in an online casino.
  2. Can I Win Real Money with Reload Casino Offer?
    You can win real money with the gambling reload bonus, provided you meet the wagering requirements and other attached conditions.
  3. What Other Types of Bonuses Can I Access?
    In addition to the casino online reload bonus, you can also qualify for the Welcome Bonus, No Deposit Bonus, VIP Bonus, and Free Spins.