Osiris Casino France: How Does It Work?

Osiris gambling site is a gaming website themed on the figure of the Egyptian god, Osiris, a deity that represented fertility and resourcefulness. Like every other casino game, it operates with players gambling on the possibility of outcomes.

Have you been wondering how this Casino France works? You are right at the best resource online where you can find out! This article reviews the Egypt-themed platform carefully, including how it works, what slots it offers, associated bonuses, etc. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Review – Blacklisted and Rogue Casino

Osiris gambling website can be accessed directly on the web without necessarily downloading additional software. To register with a casino comes without uneasiness. You open the website, fill out a questionnaire, confirm your age’s legality, and then you can proceed to play.

Osiris Casino in France: An Unbiased Review

Simple User Interface

This website is intuitive, helping you select various games that match your choice, especially with the user interface poised by sheer simplicity. The website’s design is inspired by its thematic figure, Osiris, an Egyptian deity.

The logo embodies the image of the god and a scarab. The silhouette images reveal the underlying images of the pyramid and the statuesque images of Pharaohs. Besides the appealing features woven around the thematic presence, the rest of the website contains no bluff, making it easier to navigate.

An Antecedence of Fraudulent Activity

The Review has long been a subject of controversy. Despite a huge repertoire of over 200 games and unbelievably real bonuses – as much as – $900, the game is highly problematic. Osiris is owned and operated by the Rogue Affpower outfit, an embattled agency accused of impersonation and piracy.

In 2016, Affpower was revealed to have pirated games from other agencies, especially NetEnt. In hindsight, this is a grievous offence in gaming as they manipulated players into thinking they played the original legitimate games provided under the umbrella of the cloned agencies, while it is not in reality.

In part, Osiris gambling club, due to their association with the Affpower agency, came guilty of controlling and fixing games to their advantage. This has proven to be a heinous offence as casino gaming works on trust and an exchange of value.

Therefore, it is helpful for players to research casino portals before playing. When you see one has been blacklisted, it sends a message that you shouldn’t play with the platform. There is a list of countries that are restricted to play in the casino

Osiris Casino Bonus

This casino offers bounty bonuses for players, especially beginners. Players with new accounts receive 300% bonuses, an equivalent of $900. They then enjoy 300% and 400% on their subsequent deposits. Subsequently, the players will be credited their deposit with 15% bonuses.

To constantly motivate players, the casino provides a variety of incentivized offerings, ranging from free spins and periodic events for VIP players. However, bonuses come with conditions. For example, the welcome bonus comes with a 33x wagering requirement.

For subsequent bonuses, a 45x wagering requirement is necessary. Wagering requirements operate by meeting a required outcome to have access at a withdrawal. For example, to withdraw a free bonus of $100 on a 35x wagering requirement, you must stake to win $3500, and so with the 45x wagering.

Customer Support

Taking a cue from the Egyptian deity himself, Osiris website prioritizes customers’ satisfaction as the god derived strength from adherents’ happiness. Against the background, the game enjoys 24/7 customer care service.

Located conspicuously at the upper end of the website, it comes strategically, enabling players to have easy access to the service provider. Unlike other casino gaming websites, casino gaming offers a sharp contrast. Besides a 24/7 active phone call service, casino gaming equally enjoys a live chat feature that operates 24/7.

There are also alternative contact options, such as the FAQ section, characterized by slower, message-based operation. The FAQ section covers the vintage questions a player will randomly ask. It contains categories ranging from an account, cashier, deposits, legality, security, technical, VIP, and many common questions.


  1. How Safe Is the Casino?
    Osiris gambling house is safe to use. Realistically, despite featuring an aesthetic appearance, the casino is not exactly safe to use. The agency company has long been accused of piracy and a breach of trust that sided games to their advantage. As a result, this casino belongs to one of the blacklisted gaming categories out there.
  2. How Responsive Is Osiris Customer Support?
    The casino support service quickly responds to complaints. They operate a 24/7 phone call service and responsive chat features. It is one of the factors why this casino is considered to be one of the best for you to make money.
  3. What Is the Osiris Bonus Offer To New Players?
    Players with new accounts receive 300% bonuses, an equivalent of $900. They then go on to enjoy 300% and 400% on their subsequent deposits. Subsequently, the deposit players will be credited with 15% bonuses.