Twin Win Slot Machine Online

The slot, created by High 5 games, is simple with a plot surrounding an aquatic exploratory adventure comprising sea creatures set out in underwater scenery. High-Five slot games are often not the best for gameplay graphics, but they serve the barest minimum of having fun while making wins. The game consists of five reels, three rows per reel, and 15 paylines.  The game is available on several online casino platforms. The gameplay simplicity extends to its unavailability of bonus rounds to players. Although, gaming ensues a ‘double symbol’ feature through which players can make money on a larger scale. This article extensively discusses the characteristics, tips on playing and earning big, and the various pros and cons surrounding this classic.

Important Features of Twin Win Slot Machine

Asides from the classic underwater scenery, and an impressive fifteen paylines, the slot features a characteristic set of symbols in compliance with the theme, a few reward options excluding bonus rounds and free spins, and a commendable RTP ensuring satisfying payout amounts to players.

Twin Win Slot Machine - Try this Online Game for Free Now 2022

Basic Symbols

Altogether, there are nine ordinary representations, excluding two other bonus symbols. These nine would include five sea-creature representations and four royal playing-card characters. The signs alongside their respective payout values are given below:

K, Q, J 5X 15X 100X
A 8x 20x 200x
PELICAN 10x 25x 100x 150x 200x 500x 800x 1000x
SEA LION 10x 25x 100x 200x 300x 500x 800x 1000x
STINGRAY 10x 25x 100x 200x 300x 500x 800x 1000x
TURTLE 10x 30x 100x 200x 300x 500x 800x 1000x
DOLPHIN 10x 30x 100x 200x 300x 500x 1000x 2500x

As the face of the game, the dolphin icon happens to be the most valuable of all characters. By landing five doubles of the dolphin symbol, a player is liable to earn 2500x his line bet.

Bonus Symbols of Twin Win Slot

There are two bonus symbols on the pokie. They include the female diver symbol and the logo symbol. The female diver acts as a scatter symbol, with bonuses available when three to five signs appear. For example, if a player lands five of these female diver characters, they are awarded 200x their stake in reward amounts.

The logo symbol comes about as wild, substituting for every other character in the game, except the scatter symbol. Likewise, when the logo symbol interchanges with a sea-creature sign, it acts as a double. A player needs to land three to five of this logo to earn bonuses. However, landing five would award a bettor 10,000x their stake in reward amounts.

RTP AND Volatility

Interestingly, the game has a relatively high RTP of about 96.5% with low to medium volatility – a consequence of which players are liable to be awarded prizes more frequently.

Basic Tips Tricks to Play Twin Win Slot Game

Generally, earning rewards on slots are dependent on chance and mere luck. However, in the case of this game, our best assertion would be to play with a high stake, as lower stakes would reduce the stake value on individual paylines. Furthermore, gambling with a very high bet may guarantee a high stake on all paylines, thus, increasing the chances of hitting the jackpot.

Furthermore, there are some essential tips we can offer all players to improve their gaming experience; they include:

  • This game has an auto-play feature for all players, leaving the game to do the heaviest lifting.
  • If music or theme songs do not appeal so much to you, there is a ‘+’ button on the upper right corner of the slot machine, which allows players to control sound effects.
  • The stake limits are located below the matrix. Players are allowed to adjust their bets, ranging from a minimum of 0.15 Euros to a maximum of 450 Euros.
  • Look out for double features and the scatter and wild symbols for a rewarding experience.

Twin Win Slot Online: Pros And Cons

Here we will make a comparison of the pros and cons of the game. Among the main advantages, we can consider:

  • Simple but classic gameplay;
  • Double symbol feature;
  • High paying symbols;
  • High RTP with low to medium volatility.

There are only a few disadvantages, among them some players consider:

  • Unavailability of bonus rounds and free spins;
  • Lack of updates or upgrades over the years.


  1. Is the Slot Available at Online Casino Platforms?
    Yes, you can find the game at many online casinos. However, choose the best platform while considering safety, legality, and reward structures.
  2. Is It Safe to Play These Slots?
    Provided by High 5 games, which is the gambling industry’s largest independent casino game provider, you can rest assured that the game is safe to play.
  3. Can I Enjoy Bonus Rounds and Free Spins on These Games?
    Registering on top online casinos could earn players several bonuses, but specifically, the pokie does not offer players any bonus rounds or chances of a free spin. However, players can hit big by landing double, wild, and scatter symbols.