Playing Online Roulette Games in Online Casino

Playing Online Roulette Games

The image of the spinning roulette wheel is synonymous with the thrill and excitement of casino gambling. A popular mainstay of casinos worldwide, roulette has become an increasingly prominent part of the online gambling world, with the potential for delivering substantial winnings for those that master the art of roulette techniques. While it might seem like a game of pure chance, the skill in roulette lies largely in planning your bets and the way in which you stake against each spin.

Playing Roulette Using Best Strategies

By investigating new and innovative strategies for capitalizing on the spin of the wheel, players can begin to develop a feel for how to work the odds in their favor and the best way to maximize their winnings from roulette play. Read about roulette tips to win on the Top Notch Roulette.
While roulette is no doubt great entertainment, and a potential way to win substantially against the house, the experience is one that is greatly improved by playing in the right environment. While there can be no substitute for the thrill and excitement of playing at a live, Las Vegas casino, not everyone can realistically make that trip every time they want to experience roulette or test a new strategy. The online roulette scene has grown as a result, to a point where it offers a much more in-depth experience than its more simplistic software predecessors might have suggested. With current technologies, roulette play is much more attractive as an option online, and the gaming experience available has never been quite so good.

Play Roulette on Mobile Phone

Mobile casino gamers can choose to play their games in the practice mode before signing in to play mobile roulette casino games for cash prizes. Playing free games in the Free Mode is a good way for players to practice their strategies and learn a game before signing in to play in the Real Mode.
Play fun online casino games like slots, poker, or roulette online with free bonuses from different casino sites and the best internet casino software providers.

Roulette Games Online

For those that are looking for a place to enjoy the best possible roulette gaming experience online, there are a myriad of options available, each claiming to be better than the last. But are all roulette sites online offering the same level of gaming, and what can casino enthusiasts use as differentiating factors between the different options available?

Pitfalls of Online Gambling

Nowadays with so much choice when it comes to an online casino it can be a fast way to losing your money, not only are the odds already stacked against you but what if you win? are you guaranteed a payout? Here are a few basic but essential tips to play online casino roulette games safe and avoid getting scammed by the casinos!

  1. Always play at regulated casinos, in the UK this is easier as every casino targeting UK players must be licensed and regulated in the UK, especially if they advertise on UK media via TV, Print and online.
  2. Deposit using a credit card, although this may bring a surcharge (always check with your CC company) you are able to do a chargeback if a casino runs of with your money or they refuse a payout. You will only be able to get your deposit back though. Doing fraudulent chargebacks is financial fraud and highly illegal, not only will casinos take legal action you will be banned from a a huge network of online casinos.
  3. Don’t bother playing if you aren’t of legal age. You will be caught and you payout refused, it’s simply not worth it. All casinos have a KYC procedure (know your customer) which forces them to get copies of your identity such as passport and utility bill. Making false copies of documents is illegal and people have been jailed for this.
  4. Always read the terms of each casino, especially when taking a bonus. Each casino has different terms and wagering requirements for bonuses. Nowadays bonuses come with very high wagering requirements it’s almost impossible to make a profit from it. Also, can have introduced a ‘max bet’ rule when a bonus is in effect, usually around 10% of your total balance. This makes some games hard to play. Also, check for excluded games, table games are almost always excluded.
  5. If you’ve never heard of a casino do a quick google for them, see if they have a large online presence and any reviews. Don`t forget to check on social media, do they have a large following? do their followers interact with them or do the follows look paid for? paid followers is a massive red flag.
  6. Always play at casinos with reputable software such as Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt. Vendors of other software may be unreliable or prone to ‘fixing’ their software so the RTP is even lower than advertised. (RTP is the overall return to player, ie 95% returns 95c for every $1 wagered)
    Remember to be critical of every new casino you visit, send them an email and see how well their customer support is working.