Play Casino Roulette Game Online and In Land-Based-Casinos

Play Roulette Online or in Land-Based Casinos

There was a time when the only way to gamble was to play in a real brick and mortar casino. However, as the internet became a part of everyone’s day-to-day lives, the concept of online casinos was born. The World Wide Web gave birth to online gambling around 20 years ago—and through the years, online gambling platforms and top gambling software providers have become exponentially successful. There is a lot of difference between the experience of playing casino games on a website and doing so on a piece of hardware in a land-based casino. What they have in common, though, is the rush one gets when they win. In this article, we will explore these experiences and try to settle the argument of offline vs online roulette.

Playing Roulette Online

Online casinos have a lot of advantages that are ideal for the layman, who just wants to test the waters (or take a dive) while he/she is at the comfort of their own home. To practice, you can just play a free casino game online roulette whenever you want. Online games have provided people with the capability to indulge in their gambling hobbies whenever they want, from wherever they are!

The Pros of Online and Live Roulette:

  • A convenient way to gamble. Online roulette games give you the convenience of playing from wherever you are. Often, the best online casino for roulette are ones that have an interactive, mobile-friendly website, which makes betting on-the-go a piece of cake for users. Not to mention, betting in such a way is way more private as compared to land-based casinos.
  • Variety of games available. With online casinos, there is virtually no limit to the kind of themes and storylines one can devise. This gives you a mall of exciting games in your pocket. All you have to do is take out your phone and go to your favourite live roulette online casino website, and bam! You’re in Funland!
  • Exclusive rewards and perks. Most online gambling websites reward their members with perks like higher winning ratios, promo codes, better odds payout, and more. Take a look at this Zodiac casino review to know what we mean.
  • Multiple payment modes. Playing online allows you the facility to use not only cards but wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and even cryptocurrencies.

Online Roulette Cons

  • Risk of fake websites. If you don’t know a reliable gaming website, you might fall victim to a crook. However, scammers are a few and far between, usually taken down before they can get to a lot of people.
  • Legal issues. Before gambling online, you must be aware of the laws of your country, as not every platform is legal in every region.
  • Transaction fee. Your bank/card vendor might charge transaction charges while transferring money to these sites—which are small but can add up over time.

Playing Roulette at Land-based Casinos

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of online casinos let’s talk about the old-fashioned way of spinning wheel numbers on a piece of hardware. Because of the tangibility of experience and the ambience, land-based casinos offer something unique that one simply can’t find online. Read our article with tips to play roulette for both online and land-based casinos.

The Pros of Land-based Roulette

  1. The experience. If you like the social aspect of gambling—aka the “vibe”—the experience has a rush that is incomparable to any online casino roulette game.
  2. Reliability. You can’t get scammed in the same way as in the scenario of you gambling on a fake website when you’re in the brick and mortar casino.

The Cons

  1. Logistics. You have to plan your day/evening for this, as you’ll have to visit the location of your choice.
  2. The lack of privacy. Most people don’t want the ‘stigma’ of being a gambler.
  3. The distractions. Land-based casinos often have other attractions you might end up spending the winnings on. This is where the ‘house always wins’ quote comes from.
  4. Lack of diversity. As compared to the thousands of exciting options in online roulette casinos, land-based ones offer but a few slots and themes.

The Key Differences Between Online and Land-Based Roulette

Now, before you play casino roulette game, you might want to check out this quick summary of what differentiates these two modes of gambling.

Online RouletteLand-based Roulette
More themes and storylinesA limited number of themes and storylines
More privacyLess privacy
More chances of being scammedFewer chances of being scammed
Location independent, more convenienceLocation-dependent, more time-consuming
Private experience; lacks the social touchThe social experience is thrilling

Knowing all of this, you can start your casino adventure, from free online games to real-money games, such as Eurogrand casino roulette, to live-dealer roulette options and land-based tables. Just remember to be reasonable and careful.

Online and Live Roulette FAQs

While both these roulette casino game modes have their pros and cons, online experiences have more privacy, better payment options, more themes, and excitement.
The key is to practice and get the hang of the platform before betting real money. You can do so in the demo mode that every great roulette casino game has.
It completely depends on the casinos and the games that you’re comparing, as every vendor offers different perks for different games throughout the year. But generally, yes. It’s impossible to find a Welcome bonus in any of the land-based casinos.
The amount of money you win depends on how well you know the rules of the game, how much you’re betting, and what the payout rules are — be it online gambling or offline!